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You do not need to limit your imagination and creativity when selecting your diary. The production is fully custom made from 300 pcs. Designs presented on the catalogue pages are more for inspiration. Our customers usually combine different materials and colours from the colour card, combine sewing and year-date from other designs, or create completely new diary. Each customer can be distinguished, have the original unique gift and the best diary.

Fully customised cover design
Fully customised book layout.
Advertising pages, printed fly-leaf.
ColourCard - cover materials.
logo embossing
woven bookmark
Closure with elastic bandor pen
loop available for all diary models.
Gift Box
names burned on single diaries by laser
logo or year date made with resin label
fleshy metal labels
metal corners
gilt edge
Magnifying bookmark -
Flat plastic magnifier with ribbon
Gift Sets - Line of different gift boxes is available. It is possible to combine impressive gift sets of diaries and leather products.
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